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What does it take to drive traffic and leads to your business? A Serious ONLINE PRESENCE!  It’s not just about your website anymore. You need an online plan that includes your website, social media, mobile marketing, apps and more.  Designing a complete online strategy  to drive leads to your business is what we do. SEM’s specialty is maximizing your profits from  online advertising campaigns and shopping feeds.  We lower your advertising spend while increasing your conversions!

Search Engine Optimization Firm

It Takes Two!

1.) Onsite SEO is achieved through proper page architecture and relevant content.  Integrating  your key phrases into the meta tags, URL and content is key to proper Search Engine Optimization.

2.) Offsite SEO is maximizing  traffic to your site from all other online assets.  Not only traffic from your Facebook, Google Plus and other social network pages, but also from online advertising, citation directories, incoming links from other websites and most importantly reviews from reputation sites.

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization

Seriously what good are we if we get viewers to your site, but we don’t help you with Conversion Optimization? This is exactly what sets Serious eCommerce Marketing apart from other Ecommerce Marketing Companies.  Using heat map and viewer experience testing tools, we create new landing pages to compare results with your original. With our testing tools in place, from the new data we can analyze where you are losing your visitors and then make  the changes necessary to your website to maximize your profitability.

“Marketing First”  Website Development!

S E M has partnered with PL Systems who have the best developers and coders on either side of the Mississippi. You can find more about them here, but FIRST,  Let’s talk about what we mean by “Marketing First” Web Development.

Our first priority is to thoroughly understand your business. What are your goals?  What do you want to achieve from your online assets?  The business goals and needs you share with us, help to analyze and then craft an online business plan developed specifically for your business needs. . 

Analyzing your marketing needs gives us the opportunity to recommend a custom platform that is going to work best for your needs. While other developers might tell you differently, there is no “one size fits all” platform that works for every business need. Web developers tend to have their favorite platform and will steer you towards that regardless of whether it is the best choice to achieve your business goals. If you are doing a website remodel or taking your current site to a responsive design, let us take a look and advise how best to do that without losing the organic traffic you currently have coming to the site. If you have been told by another development company that it is simply a matter of setting up 301 redirects, leave that office immediately and call us!

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