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Paid Search 

S E M Maximizes The Return On Your Ad Spend.

The benefit of paid search is that it is scalable, making it not just affordable to any busisness, but critical. A well optimized Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is designed to show only for viewers that are actively searching for the product or service you provide and you pay only when those interested parties actually click on your ad.

For a new business with no domain authority and not yet ranking for organic searches, pay per click is an affordable way to have your business seen at the top of the search engine result pages alongside competitors who have been in business longer.  A well run Pay Per Click campaign levels the playing field for those new in business.

Maximizing your return on ad spend is achieved through key word research and management, optimizing your landing pages and optimizing your search terms for relevance and of course compelling ads

Product Listings

Things change quickly, but right now our clients are seeing the highest Return on Ad spend from their Product Listing Ads (Google Shopping, Yahoo shopping and shopping feeds). At S E M we continually group, re-optimize and then re group your product listings again and again. The more data we get, the better we can optimize to save you money on un needed click thrus. The more relevant your product is to the search, the engines reward you by lowering your cost.  Each week we look closely at the data from the previous week and optimize by ad groups, keywords, then by feed, titles, descriptions, images and data quality. We are constantly fine tuning to maximize your profits by showing more relevant product listings to a more targeted audience.

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