SEO (search engine optimization) by S.E.M. (Serious eCommerce Marketing)

We drive targeted, qualified traffic to your site through the use of on page and off page SEO tactics. 

Search Engine Optimization is similar to the technology that it drives. It evolves. What worked a couple years ago, may not work anymore. What works today, will need to be tweaked tomorrow.  It takes effort and a time commitment to keep your site continually optimized, updated and fresh.

The biggest difference between now and a few years ago is that today almost every business has a website and most of those websites are doing at least some form of optimization and many are doing a great job of optimizing their sites.  The competition is fierce and these days it takes a lot more than a title tag to get you ranked on page 1 of the Search Engine Result pages.Search engine optimization SEO by S.E.M.

The SEM Analysis

Serious eCommerce Marketing (S. E. M.)  does a deep analysis of your website and more importantly your completitors’ websites.  From this analysis we develop a strategy that optimizes the unique parts of your business, products and services.  That unique part of your business which separates you from your competition is what we will focus most of our attention on.  And yes, we will probably make some title tag changes, but more importantly, at        S E M we craft a complete SEO strategy utilizing both on and off page SEO techniques to bring your target audience to your site.  

Converting Viewers into Business

All the optimization in the word is useless if your traffic is not converting into leads or sales. Part of our services is to help you capture your viewers and convert your traffic into business. We can help you with your landing pages and your contact and capture forms.  We do testing and make recommendations based on user preference.

Reputation Management (your online Reviews)

Online reviews can make or break a company. They certainly make a difference on which company gets clicked on a search engine results page (SERP). It does not matter if it is an AD or organic result, people click on the site that shows the most stars.  The make the assumption that is the company to trust as they have the most stars.

We can help you be that company with the most stars on the Search Engine Results pages and ad results. Our reputation management program encourages your happy customers to review you, thus earning more stars! More importantly, our reputation program helps you to manage your customers that are not so happy with you. Often times the program will intercept a bad review, giving you the opportunity to make things right with the customer before they leave a bad review.  Reputation management is affordable and the return on investing in Reputation management is so large it just cannot be calculated.